Backup failed with code 4 (internal error)

Good morning Comodo staff! First of all, I love your product. I’m trying to do a full backup of files and directories onto my Netgear Stora NAS-server, over ethernet. This worked fine when I last did it - however, I keep running into this error code 4 now.

I’m running the newest version ( on a Windows 7 laptop. Here’s my backup log:

25.07.2013 09:18:51 Creating New Backup…
25.07.2013 09:18:51 Creating full backup “\STORA\MyComputers\Edvin Juli 2013 Backup.cbu”
25.07.2013 09:18:51 Collecting information…
25.07.2013 09:18:51 This might take a few minutes depending of the number of files and folders…
25.07.2013 09:18:51 Determining information for I:\ failed
25.07.2013 09:18:51 Getting files and directories tree failed
25.07.2013 09:18:51 An error occurred while collecting information.
25.07.2013 09:18:52 Error Occurred
25.07.2013 09:18:52 Backup failed with code 4 (Internal error).

Please help! I love Comodo Backup and don’t want to change to another software.

Hello again!

The problem resolved itself after deselecting drives F: and I:, which are my DVD and BD-ROM drives. They need not be backed up. My bad. :P0l