Backup failed with code 30 (write error)

I’m trying to do a full backup to a network drive, but your otherwise great program gives me this “Code 30” error.

What do, Emanuel? : )

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It looks like the connection to the network location was lost while backing up.
According to the logs: “The specified network name is no longer available.”

Does this happen every time you try to backup?


Thank you for your prompt answer!

Yes, I get the same error everytime. It’s quite odd, since the wireless connection to my router very seldom fails me.

Do you think it migth have to do with my External Drive? It’s a Netgear Stora, and it’s brand new.

Kind regards

No, I don’t think it has to do with the external drive, but most likely with wireless connection to the router.


I’m happy to say that this situation resolved itself merely by plugging the computer into the server with a chord. For anyone who has the same problem, try this.

Comodo Backup rules. Over and out.

Hi folks,
I’ve the same problem, but te costumer is already connected via ethernet… anyone enconuter the same situation?

Thanks in advance.

Please collect the debug logs so we can determine the cause of the issue.


once to the costumer I’ll post it! thanks in advance.