Backup Failed:Connect Failure


My daily scheduled backups stopped running 4 days ago. When I do a manual backup, I get a “Server is Busy” message for each of the 6 attempts, and finally “Backup Failed:Connect Failure”.

Nothing showing as blocked in my local firewall logs, so I am wondering if you can help me solve this.



The same problem here :slight_smile:
The server seems to be down

Downloaded version and I have the same problem.
When trying to restore, a progress bar with “Operation pending, please wait…” shows up for ~2-3min then a “Connect failure” is displayed.

When I try to start a manuall backup I also get the message “backup failed. Unauthorized error”

Funny. I had contact with pc live support and when they took remote control over my computer and I was about to show them the problem, the backup worked just fine!

Trench, I’ve got a notice, that you currently can’ t use COB at all, is that true? If so, could you tell us more, what’s going on with your client?

My original problem (failure to connect) was fixed after a few days - and I was able to manually backup. However, scheduled backups stopped working and never started working again, even after I uninstalled and re-installed.

I have removed COB from my system.