Backup does not work when another CD drive is present


While testing, I found this bug: the program automatically selects the CD-R (reader not writer) drive in Destination tab (connected as Slave on IDE0 cable). I can change it to the DVD-RW drive (connected as slave on IDA1 cable), but the program does not retain this setting.

Also, the backup is not made on CD-R media (not CD-RW), without any error message (the process simply stops before writing to CD). This could be related ot the above, or there could be some other reason, I don’t know.

Would like to add, that the program correctly saves and uses the preferred CDRW destination drive (which is good), only when you edit the backup job it changes the destination drive to another one, you have to be careful to correct it in the Destionation tab.

Just found that backuping works in my setup when I choose “NOT” to have the compression (ZIP file), however then I get the unnecessary empty folders backuped. On the other hand, when I choose the compression, the empty folders are not included in the ZIP file, but the backup process fails with no error message, not writing the ZIP file (which was successfully created in the TEMP directory) to the CD at all.

I have a Windows XP SP2 system and IDE DVD drive as second IDE channel slave in combination with IDE CD-R drive as first IDE channel slave.

The problem with backup process stopping without any error message just before the “Copy to CDRW disc” message is apparently caused by using a complex name (which includes the date and or time) for the zip archive file in Compless tab using the Add Macros button.

The program correctly creates the ZIP file in the TEMP directorý, bu apparently it is not able to copy it to CD.