backup dirve question?

Hi…although this isnt related to securtiy i have just joined the forums and have been using comodo products for a while now.and im confident users of this forum have got competant knowledge of most things pc.
so just a quick and simple question i hope sum1 will answer for me…

i have 2 hard drives
1 for purely just backup of files which is my old harddrive,it has got xp insatlled on it.but i never use it to start up from.would it be ‘Safe’ to delete windows operating files from this drive to free up the space…would it still be acessable from my main harddrive to gain access to my bakup files…

ok thats all thanks

Hi deleon30

Yes on both accounts.

You can delete windows from this drive if you never want to boot from it without reinstalling, and your drive will be seen by your boot drive to access your backups.