Backup did not complete successfully

If a file is deleted from a folder scheduled for backup, does a following backup attempt lead to a notification that “…Backup did not complete successfully…some files were skipped…” ?
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I don’t think so. I have done differential backups and files that are in the base but no longer on the drive show up as Deleted. I don’t know if that means that CBU deleted them from the base or if it is just notification that it was there and isn’t any longer.

Have you looked in the COMODO Logs Folder at the CBU.EXE.log? I don’t think most people look there but lots of info in that folder…
It can be found at c:\USERS\xxxx\AppData\Local\Temp\ComodoLogsFolder

Please, if you have something that you have learned from CBU, post it here so that we can all share in it. Successes and failures (questions) are both important.

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Holeeeeee Moleeeeey
I found the file in question, thanks to your precise instructions.
And thank-you for taking the time to reply; but, I’m gonna tell you now… There’s very little chance that I’m going to make heads or tails out of the information contained therein. In a best case scenario, it looks like it would take me days, if not weeks, to assimilate the information and then weeks or years to figure out what it means. So, I think it will be much easier to chalk it up to “one of the great mysteries of life” and leave it at that, and to move along.
If you are a glutton for punishment, I have posted a problem that this led me to, today, also in this Forum, called: “Did Comodo Backup Change the permissions on my Backup Drive ?? Perhaps you’d be able to help me with this one.
Thanks for your time.