Backup Destination/schedule Errors


I use comodobackup on a Server 2k8R2 to backup 3 folders that are located on different points of my LAN into a NAS folder.

I achieve this by using the “Map network Drive” opt from windows and the setup the backup using this mapped shares. Both for the Backup source and Destination. In order just to have the backup software on one server. Not sure if this is supported.

My first backups worked fine but I face the following problems:

1 - If I need to backup the same location with sync copy instead of creating a total new backup: " The currently selected backup source cannot be synchronized. Does it not support the shares?

2 - When I select Backup Destination no matter where I point it will always display. “A file/folder with the same name already exists. Do you want to overwrite it?” Even if there is nothing in the folder. - If I use a new setup name then it works.

3 - Schedule (weekly) not working: “An Error occurred while setting the schedule. The schedule has not been set.”

Any ideas?