Backup and restore with Acronis?

I backed up my Win 7 64-bit partition with Acronis True Image last week. I was under the impression it would just back up and restore the snapshot at the point I made the image without doing a raw sector backup. But what happened is that Windows became totally un-bootable and even its in built repair function didn’t work. My only thought was that I didn’t restore the MBR. Can anyone give any guidance or advice on this situation and if its even worth using Acronis?

You should tell Acronis to restore the MBR, did you do that?
Anyway the snapshots are not restored with Acronis. Seems to me even with a raw function.

No, didn’t use the MBR function. Does CTM store the snapshot list in the MBR as the list was up to date where as the image was not. I assume this upset windows?

The MBR is replaced with the CTM loader, suppose windows is upset with that. Snapshots are stored in an unmapped areas of the disk and windows (and therefore Acronis) does know nothing about that data.
If Comodo will not support that kind of data storage, we’re gonna find a tool that does a true raw image and it will take a long long time to backup. Too many restrictions - we can’t do backups, we can’t use defraggers, we can’t let windows check the disks (CHKDSK), run parallel systems etc. etc.
A “multi-snapshot automatic sandboxie” would be a great idea.