Backup and restore for dragon

Any plans to make a backup/restore program for Dragon. Reluctant to switch over from Mozilla in the meantime!

Define a backup/restore program…

A tool with the options to do the following:

  • Backup chosen extensions with settings (f.e. adblock rules, flashblokc whitelist, etc)
  • Backup settings of Dragon (what options are set, what flags are enabled)
  • Backup History
  • Backup Bookmarks
  • Backup Passwords

All of this without backing up version specific info (like plugin info, install dir, etc)

Now when on a different pc (say f.e. my mother’s pc) with fresh install of Dragon, i can simply restore those settings (also with options, so f.e. choose not to install the history) and have a Dragon image like i want it.

Would this be possible? A tool like FavBackup can do some of this (they claim), but doesn’t work on Dragon.