Backup and Launchpad error on installation

I have Backup running on one machine ok and I tried to install it on a second PC. During the installation of Launchpad, it generates error 112 and does not install correctly. If you then run Backup it reports that there are missing entries in the Registry.

Any ideas?

Sorry to reply to my own post but I still haven’t managed to solve this and the support department seems to have gone silent on me :frowning:


Sorry for the no-response. Your post must have just fallen through the cracks. :-\

Couple of points to check first.

Was the second installation done under a non-administrator account?

Do you have any other security software running that could prevent registry entries being created in and/or written to?

Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response, Ewen.

No, the second PC install was carried out with Administrator priveleges. I’ve just tried it again and disabled all of the antivirus/spyware software (which was running on the other machine as well). It still comes up with error 112 on installing Launchpad.

Looking at the registry, I see that there are some entries for Launchpad and Backup as well as for Comodo Firewall which I also run. It would seem that only some registry entries are being blocked. Just had the thought while typing this that it would be worth comparing the registry onthe two PC’s and seeing what Launchpad entries are missing on the second one. :slight_smile:

I’ll give that a go but any other suggestions in the meantime will be welcome :wink:


If you’ve got one working install and one dud, you could try exporting the appropriate registry keys from the working one and merging them into the non-working one.

Other than that, I’d go to and lodge a support ticket on this. We don’t have the full error code listing for the apps.

Ewen :slight_smile: