Backup 4.0.7. to wrong drive

Hello everyone, my first post to this, what looks to me like a very complicated forum, hope I don’t mess up.
Yesterday I upgraded to 4.0.7, formatted a drive, (H), which I used to use for backup with Comodo and started a new system backup From drives C and D,unfortunately left the target drive as default because that I thought was drive H.
Started system backup and went back some hours later to find that it had all gone to drive C, nearly full now, and nothing had gone to drive H which is where I thought it would go.
How can I remove this 100gB from drive C and tell Comodo I want the backup to go to drive H?
System runs on Win 7 and the drives concerned are both 500gB SATA ones.


You can delete or move the files from “%USERPROFILE%\My Backups” to another drive (H). This is the location where backups are saved by default unless other location is provided.

You can set a default backup location in settings and pay attention in backup step 2 to the location where backups are saved.