Backup does not restore missing files.


I’m backing up “C:\My Documents” with subfolders to an external HDD and it works fine.

I use the Restore Wizard to do an ‘Only missed files’ restore because I had deleted a couple of files by mistake.

I want to restore the missing files back to their original location and the process says ‘Restore Completed’, but the files are NOT restored.

I can see the files on the backup disk and I was able to use Windows Explorer to copy the files back to where I had deleted them from.

I just want to know if it is a bug and I can wait for the next version or is it possible I did something wrong?

The Backup program is very nice and has many features you don’t see in a version one of an application.

Thank You.

We will test this and get back to you.
No body else has reported this so far, so not sure if there is a bug in it.
We will notify you result in this thread itself.

Ok I’ve more information on the restore missing files issue I’m having.

I should have checked more closely before I posted my last topic. I was in a rush to restore files at the time , sorry ;-(

The restore process is restoring my files. It’s just not restoring them to their original location.

It is restoring them to “C:\My Documents\MyDocuments”.
I think the program just always creates a full restored copy of a backup set as a sub folder within the the folder picked to restore into.

I see this as a bit misleading because the Restore Wizard actualy offers the correct original folder to restore into, but then goes and appends the the original folder to itself and restores files into that folder structure.