backtracing IP addresses?

I have just installed Comodo. In the activity log I can see that Comodo is denying other users in my network access (at least the IP addresses look familiar). Is there a way to backtrace these IP addresses?


Ip resolving is possible using some external tools.

Step 1: export log to html
Step 2: open the html log file and export it to txt
step 3: download a grep program
Step 4: open the text log using the grep program (if you find a better freeware version tell me)
Step 5: Use regex Syntax and search ^(?:Source|Destination):\s+([0-9.]+)
Step 6: Use menu File|Export…
Step 7: In the Export search results select column 0 an set fixed width to Auto
Step 8: Press To file… button , save and check the results.
Step 9: Download LookupIP
Step 10: open a cmd prompt and type LookupIP NAME_OF_EXPORTED_IP_LIST.EXT RESULTS_FILE.EXT

I use IPNetInfo by NirSoft. I have found it to be a handy tool.


If they are on the same lan, use “The Dude” to map your local network. The Dude is a LAN mapping tool available for free (google - " “the dude” lan "). when its run it will scan all available networks and produce a map of the devices shown. It will scan using TCP, SNMP and a few other protocols, so ti should pick up most things.

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The Dude is listed in the Utilities section of our Collection of Useful Free Programs, here:,1731.msg12743.html#msg12743