Backing up to DVD

I have created jobs to back up half a dozen folders to a DVD-RW (normal backup). For some reason only the first backup job is successful. For the rest I receive errors when I run them though no explanation. I also run identical jobs synchronised to folders on a USB stick. These work fine.

Being obsessive, I perform the same operations using another program, SynchBack, which backs up the same folders to a different DVD without errors. There is plenty of space on the DVD.

I tried to attach a screen dump of the reults but was unsuccessful.

Hi cullism

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Sorry you are having troubles with backup.

I have never been able to get the DVD backup to work properly either. Maybe someone who has had some success with it will help us out here.

I have been backing up to usb drive and it works so well there I just set it and forget it.


Thanks JJasper,

I guess I’m resigned to not being able to back up to DVD (I had a similar problem with PowerArchiver). I would like to be able to leave the backup USB key in the PC all the time, but if I do the computer freezes when it starts to boot up. A minor problem, I guess. I’ll just have to remember to remove it before booting up in the morning.