backing up network folder using UNC

There doent seen to be an option to specifiy a network folder to backup by UNC, only a mapped drive.

Is that correct??

I’ve had problems with mappings not being “active” if the target machine was not turned on when the backup machine was booted up and the mapping needs to be maunally “livened” by clicking on the mapped drive in Explorer before any applicaitons wil lrecognise it. Using UNC solved the problem.

nb OS is Win XP



Actually, you can type the UNC path.
Please see the attachment.


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I want to specify my source, not the target.

Comodo supports UNC for the backup path (target) using the Network radio button, but there is no network option in step 1

Yes, Comodo BackUp does not support UNC paths as source.
You can either map that path as a network drive or install Comodo Backup on that network computer to perform the backup.