Backing up as changes are made to files

I recently installed Comodo. I have a WD brand external hard drive for backups. The Comodo manual states that a backup can be made each time a change is made to a file. It says to select “synchronization mode”. I’ve looked everywhere I could find and cannot find this selection.
This is my first time here and I’m really a novice at this program. I have a few more questions but I’ll start of slow. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

As far as i understand your question (actually not much), it pertains to Comodo Backup where you should ask it:

I do not advocate for real-time synchronization of backups, it could be a hassle with ressources consumption or dealing with opened files.

Why not a simple incremental backup scheduled once a day at a quiet time?

I’m sorry that you didn’t understand my questiion, well actually you did because you answered it, well not really but I do appreciate your opinion and will heed your advice.


Are you using 2.2 or 3.0 version?
If you are using 2.2 version you can find Sync Copy option in Backup Step 2 (backup format)
If you are using 3.0 version, choose advanced mode, then choose files and directories backup and Sync Copy backup format.


I’m using 2.2 and I found what you are telling me. Thanks very much Emanuel.