backing up a mapped network folder

Can it be true that you can’t use comodo to backup the content on a network. I only get my c: drive when selecting “files and directories”-mode?!?!


What version of Comodo Backup are you using?

Same question. I read somewhere on the Internet that comodo would work for this, and that is why I downloaded it. But, network drives aren’t showing up. Only as a possible destination, not as a backup source. Version 2.0.108800.9

Yes, network drives cannot be a backup source for v2.0

Comodo back up can be used as a destination during back up… I have used it and it works fine… Can even c all network pc’s connected to mine while choosing the destination through network…

My question is can i use a network drive as source of back up??

Not in this version.
In a future version, yes.