Background protection if GUI not running?


My question: if I exit from Comodo CIS, the firewall (and defense+) work further in the background (resident process, kernel protection, low level fw drivers etc.)-or my system will unprotected?

If I exit from my antivirus program, the protection work in the background, I can exit only from GUI.


Yes, if you close the GUI, CIS will continue to protect your system. However, you will not get any program alerts if CIS wants to ask for permissions to allow something to run. It will just temporarily block the process.

An interesting experience: if I exit from Comodo (so: GUI), the performance of my system will higher-and the net speed is higher.
The difference isn’t too high, but noticeable. I have a netbook, with limited CPU and RAM.

How can it be? If I exit only from GUI, and the protection processes running in the background-how can I get higher performance? Or only seems higher?

I suspect it only seems like performance is increased.

The GUI uses less than 5MB of RAM and 0 CPU cycles at rest, so even on a lower end system I wouldn’t expect to see any performance increase by closing the GUI.

From previous experience I believe that if the GUI is not running,
then protection is unlikely to be enhanced with A.V. signature updates.

My P.C. stuttered a bit upon start-up as Comodo started downloading Virus Updates before Windows had finished doing the essential things, such as the Loudspeaker control and Battery status icons in the notification tray.
I cured this by blocking the “standard” HKLM:Run startup for the GUI,
and instead I now launch cfp.exe after a delay in a script in my All Programs / Startup folder.

Those are my understandings of how Comodo used to be.
I still have acceptable results with my old remedy,
but I am willing to accept an update upon any changes to recent behaviour.