F: i heard many things about backdoors in firewalls, specialy in software firewalls, is there such one in comodo firewall? (:NRD)

I don’t think so, but IF they had a backdoor, I am sure thy don’t tell us about it :slight_smile:



I have heard that some governments require backdoor access if the software is made in certain countries (I think America is the only one). Windows is the most likely to have back doors on purpose but then again it is entirely possible that other firewalls have backdoors.

And if they had backdoors in their code, the only way they could prove they don’t is to show the code (Which is never going to happen, of course.).

Use 2 layers of firewalls (Never 2 software firewalls on one machine), a hardware and software solution is the best. So something like

modem (May have inbuilt NAT) - router - computer 1, 2,3,4,

Their are routers that support dialup modem connections, they rule, don’t mess around with ICS it is not really worth it and you get more layers by using a router.

cheers, rotty

Someone may have been watching too many movies lately.

No i am being realistic. If a firewall is created in America the Authorities require that it have a back door in the firewall.

cheers, rotty

i’ve missed that !




Rotty, what you have been told or heard is a misrepresentation of what has occurred. Since the 1990s, all telephone providers in the US have to provide means for law enforcement to “tap” telephone lines as specified by an associated warrant.

In 1995, a rule was passed adding broadband VoIP to that; up to that point, such phone communication was excluded from the wiretap regulation. Given the popularity of VoIP, and the fact that such communication was not “tappable” the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) felt that regulations needed to be changed, due to changes in technology.

In effect, this is no different than their previous authority to tap “landlines” based on an appropriate warrant. However, with such things being as they are, there are many false rumors abounding, especially on the internet. At any rate, this has nothing to do with any firewall, whether hardware or software.

Hope that helps clarify the question…


PS: Paulo, if someone’s been watching that movie recently, they must have it on VHS… That’s an old movie… :wink:

With a warrant i WISH:,17312742

Yep, they tried but this link has many interesting links:,16253232

The American CIA also conducted a wiretap on the British Princess Dianna before she died 5 or 6 years back, because she was against the use of land mines in wars because of humanitarian problems with civilians loosing their legs after the war is finished (MANY MANY years ago). So they concluded she was a terriost LOL.

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Australia has a watered down version of what America is implementing to do with making people “Disappear” without court trial or lawyer.

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