I am setting up a new Vista 32bit laptop and have installed Comodo free firewall & antivirus. No other software has been loaded other than that which came with the computer. I have done a lot of windows updating and post (I think) Vista SP2 Comodo is reporting viruses in the winsxs\temp\pendingrenames folder.

Should I ignore them or quarantine them? Vista seems to be functioning well, no problems on boot up. I can access Windows Update fine too…

Welcome to the forum vhc :slight_smile:

Can you please submit the file here


I’ve submitted it via the Comodo software - do you need it again?

It is up to you but if you think it is a FP, you will received a email back when you supply your email address when you submit the file at the link in my first post.


in my hesitation yesterday regarding the files it seems Comodo marked them ignore. Now the winsxs\temp folder is empty so I assume the renaming has been done and that these probably were false positives - Full scan shows no threats today.

At least I sent the files via Comodo yesterday so if they are false positives presumably they can work magic at their end so this doesn’t happen again with windows update files :slight_smile:

thanks for the help. :-TU