Back-up start time issue

We have an issue with the back-up starting at the selected time on the selected day of the week. If we set the time for say 5 minutes from the present time, the back-up runs at the selected time. If we set the time for perhaps 12 hours later, the back-up will not start on the selected day. I made sure the system is not “going to sleep”, but that did not help. Any suggestions. The test option works as well.

Is this a Comodo product that you want to post something about?

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Good Morning!

I am seeing the very same behavior. Comodo Backup ver

I just tested the scheduler in the same way. Set it for a few minutes from Now and it runs the job.

I have 10 jobs set to run at 10 different times, but so far, only the one I just tested ran automagically.


We had few issues with scheduled jobs running, which have been taken care in latest release.
Please try our latest version, mentioned in following link:,1840.0.html
and let us know if you still see any issue with it.