Back-up on FTP


I have a question. I have downloaded Comodo Backup and i saw that for backups on FTP are a lot of features that are not working.

So, my question is: how can i back-up a folder or partition on FTP, incremental and without archive (simple copy).

Pls help me with an advice. Thx! :smiley:


The only way for incremental to work over ftp is to use the macro feature (from backup Step 3) so each new incremental backup will be written into a new .CBU file.

Thank you for you support!

I understand. But, there is no way to back-up with “simple copy”??


At this moment, there are some issues regarding simple copy operations to FTP. They will be fixed in the future releases of COMODO BackUp.

Thank you for your support!

Thx for the reply! I will manage for now and good luck for the next versions of Comodo backup. The simple copy backup with diferential and incremental for FTP will help a lot of people. :wink: