back up firewall and defense policies

in version 3, the import and export configurations does not include the custom policies I wrote myself, and I have a ton of programs that requires internet access.

is there a way to back up policies in version 4? I want to make sure I can save the policies somewhere so I don’t have to rewrite it again in the future.


Sounds strange to me, i also have loads of personal settings, but they always come back with import export…
And that’s always the way i use when there is an update.

Can you please specify more about what you are missing?

say I write the custom rules for emule, apply the settings, and the export the setting file.
now I go back and delete the emule rules and load that setting file, I do not see my emle rules in my firewall rules set.

Are you “importing” it over your current active configuration?

Can you try the following, first switch to an other configuration, then Import the policy with a new name and then switch to that policy to see if it’s there?

It’s tricky to import over an active configuration… so this could be causing issues…