Back up and restore of MBR


Is there a way for me to backup and restore the MBR if I do not have a Windows CD?

With an the XP recovery console, can I fix the MBR if it gets corrputed by CTM ?


You can use Windows XP Recovery console to restore the MBR (fixmbr command) if you can get into it. But you need to uninstall CTM and restore your system (to the current snapshot) to not lose data.
If it fails, Macrium Reflect could backup your partitions and the MBR (for further restoration) if you need.

Thanks Tech,

The problem is that I currently do not have an external hardisk, so with Macrium Reflect I would not be able to make a new image of my hardisk as it would require too many DVDs. However I have an old image on DVDs which I had made many months ago, if anything goes wrong with CTM can I use Macrium Reflect to restore only the MBR from the past image and maintain the current files on my system?

However I think CTM is too risky, I’ll pass on this one.


Hmmm… Did you make this backup with Macrium?
Did you validate the backup (internally, with Macrium itself)?
Did you try booting the first CD and browse if you have the MBR restore option available?

Ok. I understand. I will be feeling better if I could have a CD to uninstall CTM and have the access to the functions of the console (restore snapshot, reset the baseline, etc.). I’ve lost my partition with the old CTM version. It’s risky. I’m beta testing and until now, no problems. I have a full partition backup and hope I can restore it if anything fails miserably. I also have a Macrium image.