Back To ZAAS For Now

Well with so many problems I went back to ZAAS for now. I think Comodo Firewall 3.0 was rushed. Hopefully bug fixes will be out. ZA is well polished but I do know that Comodo has been tested better.

ZA… no way! i’d rather be naked covered in honey and poking bee’s nests than use that again!, the few bugs V3 have are far better than the system slow-down of ZA for me. ZA for XP is ok, but ZA for Vista is not for me!

I am on XP and refuse to go to Vista. The only thing ZA slows down is my boot time by 15 secs. Web surfing and all around is just as fast as Comodo. There are way too many options in Comodo and that pending file thing is stupid. It even made rules for msconfig and my screen saver. its way too protective for me and still scores well. It is ranked only 2 below Comodo.

how about v2.4?


I will keep ZAAS for now. Comodo 2.4 would ask you the same thing 20 times. ZA asked you once maybe twice. You also need to 3 finger salute out of games and click allow. ZA will automaticly minimize games to have you allow it or deny it.