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K, I installed CIS last monday and its Virus Signature was 2*** after doing a full update (I can’t remember the exact number). Now it’s back to 1 and slowly updating again. Sorry to be rude but WTF?

Win XP SP3
AMD Athlon XP
256 MB

Err, email/IM machine.

I have seen that on my partners comp. when the virus database becomes corrupt it replaces with the one from the repair folder of CIS. [C:\Program Files\COMODO\CIS\repair]

You can replace the one in the repair folder with your up to date one in the scanner folder, but you have to disable Defence+ whilst doing this or do the move in Safe mode. (F8)


K, I replaced bases.cav with the updated version. I’m wondering why it got corrupted; I didn’t noticed any errors or so. Anyway, thank you for your suggestion.

Please run a chkdsk on your drives to scan for disk errors maybe your system crashed and/or froze lately ?
After such event’s it’s always wise to run a check on the disk(s).