Back to Comodo 3....

I would like to reinstall the old comodo version 3… Could someone tell me where to find it?
The problem with the latest CIS I am using is that it always indicated “0 inbound connection” and " 0 intrusion attempts ". This means that it only monitors outbound traffic, but not inbound traffic.


You can set it to monitor whatever you want, but yes, it is not the default behavior: refer to the appropriate threads.

If you still want cis3 and don’t find it on the web, remind me to upload it to my website.

No, it means that there is no inbound trafic which is correct unless you have set rules to allow it. Intrusion attempts not recorded because there is not much point when they are blocked anyway.

Next week CIS 2011 should be released, so I suggest you wait for that and give the firewall a try. It will offer choices on installation, if you don’t want the antivirus, between basic firewall and cloud scan behaviour analysis. Rules are not made by default for safe applications.

So there is no point to record non events! Hope you’re right! I’ll wait to see the new version.


It has been my experience in downloading past versions of CIS from Filehippo that it will direct you to the current version instead.


Doesn’t for me

stuartm- I stand corrected. I just successfully downloaded CIS 3.14 into Sandboxie from filehippo.


Thanks. I’ve just download CIS 3.14 from