Back to CIS 6.0!!!

:slight_smile: I finally “moved” today towards CIS 6.0.264710.2708 ;D. First trial was an Italian installation, it went wrong. May be the Norton Removal Tool for Norton 360 wasn’t cleaning leftovers as expected. Had to remove them manually!
So I installed the full suite in US english from Comodo US sites except for GeekBuddy. It works perfectly. I’m delighted. You guys did a perfect job (except for the bug you’ll solve in future about real-time detection in Kiosk…). I like better the gui in this version. Also, finally, same old files are getting untrusted but as I know they are safe and trusted I just removed them from the untrusted section and go to the safe file section, check them all and click ok. I never get bothered again. Everything works 100% well, only thing it asked me to install version Silverlight 5.0 and yet I had silverlight updated through windows update? Anyways… Thanks guys and continue the good work.
P.S.: Had 200 days to Norton 360 plus another key for one year. But couldn’t stand this: which states CIS protects even 64 bits pc and Norton (Avira…) not. Well, I have a 64 bit pc. :o

Reverted all caps title to normal case. Eric

Welcome to the fold. I’m pleased so far myself except for a few tweaks needed in the GUI to make settings more accessible. For novice type users, even those things aren’t needed since most of them will never open the UI anyway.

Who are they?
And where do they live?


Because not all security products designed to protect 64-Bit like they protect 32-Bit.

Protecting 32-Bit system is one thing. Protecting 64-Bit is another. Comodo by far the best security product for the 64-Bit protection.

Refer to the results here (Note: Not all security products are listed here):

One of them lives right here with me. She hasn’t looked at the CIS UI yet and never looked at the Avast one for the year and a half she used it. She also used Norton for 6 years before that and never opened that one. I’m positive there are many many others as well.

Most of those people are just afraid after they listened to people who will tell them, things are for geeks and advanced people.
The person next to ME will think, hell, thats easy!!! LOL
The customer in a shop will think, i am glad that there are people who can “build” a computer for me. They are experts. I am just a user.
The person next to ME will think, hell, thats easy!!! LOL

I am speaking not about every person. Just about those who are able to learn something like a whole language. Because everyone speaks. They can do it, so can i.
Thats how learning works.

It sounds as if you prefer to stop learning.

Demands are created by marketing. You have many demands.
I have a tool for years that does what i want. No demand.

I did choose to stop learning at a certain point about the technical computer aspects because it just didn’t interest me any more. I don’t care about which ports are being used and protocols and other such things even though I do have a layman’s knowledge of them. I learned as much as I cared to or needed to and that was it. Many users, like the other one here, have no interest at all in knowing what’s going on in their computer, TV, car, refrigerator, air conditioning, etc, they just care if it works.

Right! The technical aspect should be just “optional”. The average user just wants it to run fine without hassle! Some security software brings trouble worst than the malware infection itself sometimes! :P0l

To end this post, I think CIS 6 can be runned by a novice enough. As with any AV, you need practice and to get used to it. You have the online help file and this forum. Don’t forget to uninstall TRUSTEER RAPPORT for online banking if you want to use your IE, FF or Chrome in Virtual Kiosk if you do online banking- do it in kiosk (reset the sandbox before online banking with Kiosk-no need anymore of Rapport which interfered with Kiosk). You should also get rid of Sandboxie if you want to use the full suite. CIS 6.0 works 100% well now, excellent product and for free! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Dont make fast subjective conclusions.
There are threat scenarios. Its not 100%.

As i said, you did not find the way to use it. You let it dictate. And you did not like the way.
I made the setting like i wanted it to act! Thats why i dont get annoyed in contrast to you.
I dont care about ports and stuff. Again, all this “prejudice” about “its too much to do! i am sure!”…
I just do the necessary things to be safe. Thats so easy.

There are people from magazine reviews who tell you, program X annoys with advertising. “Review”, but are not able to disable advertising pop ups. :smiley:

If you suggest people to use default because its so silent and userfriendly,
this can happen:

Disabling is the future… :smiley:
Have fun.