Back log for support

I recieved an email message today from Comodo Support, thanking me for my interest in their product, the AntiSpam, and if I was still having problems to let them know. Yes I WAS having problems still so I deleted the program last November 2006. Before I reply to their email I thought that I would post a comment on this site for all to see.

When the AntiSpam worked, it did so very well, but when it decided to go beserk by freezing up and allowing blacklisted emails to go through on a regular basis, even though I deleted it [the program] and re-installed it about 5 times. Yes I sent in a inquiry to support asking them what could be happening etc and letting them know that if it didn’t correct itself I would delete it permanently.

Do I miss the program, yes at times but I just do what I did before I had the Comodo AntiSpam program, I just blacklist the emails that I don’t want and haven’t asked for and Outlook does the rest. It’s really a shame that a good product [when it works] isn’t given the attention that it deserves from support at a reasonable time but 6 months later. I still have the Firewall, the email digital signature, and some other programs from Comodo, and I will still keep them unless they too go bad.

That’s all for now, I wish all of you good luck with support and may all your problems if any be resolved in a timely manner. Have a good one and later days… GCSmith7

Thanks for the post, gcsmith7, and for explaining your reasons for uninstalling the product. I’m sorry you had so much difficulty with AntiSpam, and that it took Support 6 months to respond.

Hopefully, seeing your experience will help (be sure to follow up with Support to let them know your issue with the delay in response) to ensure a more prompt response for everyone in the future. There can’t be improvements if the problems are not known…


PS: I’m not Comodo Staff; only a volunteer