Azureus yellow and blue faces

Hello- I switched to Comodo about a month ago after having problems with Zone ALarm, I really like th esetup but have a problem with Azureus- as I said above I only get blue and yellow faces-never green,whereas with ZA I would always get green-this is affecting torrent speeds- I sometimes get green NAT and DHT firewall-but again this changes to yellow or even red alot of the time.
I have opened up TCP and UDP ports 1-65535 for AZureus-both incoming and outgoing.
btw my upload rate is always at a maximum 60-80 kb/s but my download rate rarely gets above 100 kb/s.
Tried other sites and I can get almost 500 kb/s
TIA (:NRD),411.0.html

Have you allowed TCP/UDP In in Network Monitor, like this?

Rule for TCP/UDP protocol:

Action = Allow
Protocol = TCP or UDP
Direction = In
Source IP = Any
Remote IP = your IP adress (or “Any” )
Source port = Any
Remote port = the port your bittorent program uses for the TCP/UDP connections

thanks for the quick reply-will try that tonight-cheers

I got a green face (:CLP)-is the network monitor like an ACL? whereby top line takes priority? should I put a deny any as the end line?or does Comodo do this anyway?

Yes, put deny rules to the bottom. Above rule has allways the priority in the Network Monitor.

Many thanks for that-everythings green now ;D
I allowed the port I use for Azureus connection,then next line I allowed any port ,any destination TCP/UDP
then deny any ip-is this safe?

Yes, if it is at bottom, it will deny unauthorized traffic.
Mine rules in Network Monitor and in Aplication Monitor.

Many thanks for your advice-kudos to you sir (:AGY) (:CLP)

I’m (so) sorry. There is no possibility to write remark in Help
getting Comodo to allow Utorrent.

Comodo Firewall Pro V beta works under Vista.

Question. How clear the well defined port in uTorrent?