Azureus Vuze Rules

I have today upgraded from v2.6 to v3.0.16.259.

I am no expert in computer security and really don’t want to be one. I am quite happy to let my anti virus (avast); firewall (comodo); antispyware (spywareblaster; superantispyware (free edition); comodo boclean) run at their default settings.

However, I am finding Comodo Firewall v3 very confusing.

In v2 I had the following rule for Azureus Vuze:

Rule for TCP/UDP protocol
Action = Allow
Protocol = TCP or UDP
Direction = In
Source IP = Any
Destination IP = Any
Source port = Any
Destination port = TCP/UDP port of azureus 56152

This rule was set to “Deny” until I used the program then it set to “Allow”.

I cannot figure out how to do this in v3

Any help would be appreciated (keep it simple please (:WIN))

Many thanks for any help and congratulations on a great product.

P.S. I also noticed that v3 appears to have an on-demand anti virus scanner, how often are the definitions updated?

Okay, I know I’m replying to myself but…

I’ve created the above rule in Firewall - Advanced - Network Security Policy - Global Rules. I’ve put it as “Deny” as the very last entry and intend to move it up the list and mark as “Allow” when using Azureus then “Deny” again when I’m finished.

Is this correct??


I think these two will be moore helpful: