Azureus port config and Intrusions

Does Comodo 3 now configure and open all ports automatically for Azureus?

Only, I tested a range of ports in the ‘NAT / Server port test’ option and all of them are reportedly open and ‘OK’ - whereas previously I had to manually configure one port to open in the previous version of Comodo.

Secondly, my hard drive is doing overtime because Comodo has so far reported it’s blocked 750 intrusions and is incrementing every second and will soon be at 1000.

I checked the the Firewall Events and it’s blocking - System Idle process - UDP - some random source IP’s - random source ports - My destination IP on port 64353 (which is what the Azureus port is configured to use) and all this happens as soon as I shut down Azureus, not whilst it’s running.

Here’s a picture of the Firewall Event page:

What on earth is going on here?

I’m concerned about the Defense+ thing. I understand the cmdagent.exe uses up 100% resources whilst D+ is in the first learning stage, but it took longer than just a few minutes to settle and it messed up my Windows Task Manager window (removing the border and all the options) after I disabled Defense+, I had to reboot a couple of times to restore the TMW. I disabled D+ because of the sheer time it was stressing the CPU.

I have the same problem with blocking UDP connections. It’s not just Azureus.

Here’s a screenshot of when it’s working properly:

and here’s a screenshot of when it’s not working properly:

I have azureus on port 14438 and GG E-sports platform on port 1513. Inbound connections (TCP and UDP) on port 14438 are allowed for Azureus and inbound connections on port 1513 are disallowed for GG (UDP). After having Azureus run for about 5 minutes, it gives an error message: “Too many successive failures occurred on port 14438, UDP - processing abandoned. Please check firewall settings for this port to ensure that it is enabled for receiving connections.” It takes a bit longer for GG to disconnect me from any game I’m playing at that time (around 30 min) but I can still chat in rooms because UDP is not required there. It’s also worth mentioning that I can still download in azureus after that happens but UDP is blocked.

I can still use any other program during that time without problems and my connection is working fine. If I restart GG/Azureus the problem is resolved but it happens again shortly after.

Edit: I am using Windows Vista Ultimate 32 bit and CFP 3