Azureus and V3

                                                                Hi Everyone,

I’ve set the application and global rules for P2P sharing. Now does anyone know of any specific tweaks, to Azureus settings, to improve performance when using with V3 ?

In order to achieve maximum performance (with any torrent-client) you must configure the client correctly :
For azureus you can read what that is here :
There are no azureus-“tweaks” related to Comodo (or any other firewall).
To get optimal performance you must :
a : configure your client correctly
b : configure your firewall (and router if you have one) correctly .

Are you asking because you don’t feel you get maximum performance with your current settings ?
If so, then please post a screenshot of you firewall-rules (maximed plz :slight_smile: )

please post how to set up ports in comodo for azureus as i’m doing my head in trying to get it right its blocking 1 of my sites so i can’t get to upload to keep my ratings up (:AGY)

cheers pod666


Would you please share your Azureus settings with us? I find Comodo v.3 settings daunting. And didn’t realize I could export v.2.4 settings before I deleted it to install v. 3, other wise I would have exported/imported.