AyRecover - 12 month free Licence

I discovered an interesting offer earlier today for a 12 month full licence for a system utility called Ayrecover.It’s similar to Rollbackrx in that you can take multiple ‘snapshots’ of your system. You can then switch back to any of these prior states which is useful for software testing or malware removal purposes.

how does this compare to FOG - A Free Cloning Solution download | SourceForge.net ?


I’ve not heard of that one before Melih but I’d imagine it works along the same lines.Ayrecover installs a type of hypervisor which allows for recovering an unbootable system,I’ll read up on how freeghost operates.This is the way I’d like for Diskshield to evolve eventually.

It would be nice to see DiskShield evolve like this too. Maybe v2. :slight_smile:


how can I refuse you Josh (:WIN)


Wait… you didn’t ask the devs already 88)


STAY AWAY FROM THIS GARBAGE… I installed it and it totally F^&*@ my system up to where I had no system at all. Had to reformat and reinstall windows XP. I did have a D partition for system recovery, came with the HP M7250N and lost that too. (:AGY) (:AGY) (:AGY)