AWFUL issue with Office Starter 2010 / Windows 7 64bit

I just bought an HP laptop with Windows 7 and includes Office Starter 2010.
I installed/activated the free OEM license of the Office Starter 2010, and CIS gave me a lot of troubles.
Why is this software not already added in the whitelist?

Bad thing is that I cannot send the sandboxed Office files to my trusted files because Office Starter installs a new drive (in my case is "Q:"), and all Office files are located there. Not even as an Administrator Im allowed to enter or send the files to Comodo for analysis from that location.

The only way I can make the installation work and make Office run, is disabling Sandbox.
Then, Defense+ starts asking questions and I click “REMEMBER MY ANSWER”.
But I dont want to have my Sandbox disabled only to make Office Starter 2010 work.

This is a big problem. What can I do?

What is not functioning with Office Starter 2010? I remember that on my dad’s system it would not print.

Installation and execution is not working, due to the sandbox and Defense+.
Sandbox and Defense+ must be disabled in order to install and execute every time you need it.

Sorry you are having this problem. This is a known issue.

The discussion and fixes in the known issue topic may help you.

Defene plus conflict with MS Office - Topic.

Defense plus conflict with Office Starter - possible fix.

Best wishes


Thank you mouse1!

have you tried to add it in exclusion of d+?