avwebgrd.exe outbound connections

CIS reports around 130 outbound connections, 99% of which stems from avwebgrd.exe (it seems like my AV avira).

It didn’t use to be the case. I wonder whether this is unusual and need to be worried about, especially as I’ve noticed that the sound is distorted every time I browse (change browser windows or open new browser window). It seems also that my connections has slowed down.


I am also using Avira (Premium --in an XP SP3 system / APSS(without firewall and ProActive) in a Win7 x32 system). I also observe that when using CIS ver5 with Avira and Avast. I turn-off WebGuard in Avira as it grabs it all( it also is redundant with CIS also protecting you…and browsing also suffers depending on the browser…Chrome is a bit slower).

In Avast I do not not feel the need(yet) although it shows what you observe.

I thnk there is no problem as CIS is still protecting you if WebGuard is off. If you don’t feel turning it off(as I felt before I took the plunge…—as also when I am using OP Pro and OA Premium…lol) and you don’t see any difference as to browsing it’s okay. Just keep observing.