AvtiveX downloads

I am reluctant to check “Automatic cleanup of ActiveX downloads” in the “Configure BOClean” window.

“The ActiveX cache or “downloaded program files” area in Windows is a storage location for programs downloaded from the internet to be used in conjunction with your browser. Unfortunately, it is also a location where malware will be stored so that any time you open your browser, the malware can download another copy and restore itself. When this box is checked, BOClean will clean the entire ActiveX cache…”

Does this mean that CB will delete the contents of C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files? I realise I can reload these activeX files when I visit the websites, but it will be a major nuisance if I have to do it every time.

Hi gaslad

BOClean will NOT delete your installed activeX plugins. I can confirm this as I use both ie and BOClean and I have my activeX controls too.