AV's for free, Firefox 4, and others

Here are some of the things you might want to check out.

Trend Micro Titanium free for 1 year: http://www.techno360.in/titanium-internet-security-2011-free-license/

PC Tools Spyware Doctor 2011 for 1 year: PC Tools Spyware Doctor 2011 Free 1 year License

Iobit Smart Defrag v2: Iobit Smart Defrag 8 Pro Free License - Disk optimizer for Windows

Firefox 4: http://releases.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/firefox/releases/4.0/win32/en-US/Firefox%20Setup%204.0.exe (article here: Firefox 4 Final Released)

I just tried the first two and it still works. Firefox 4 was leaked. see the article. Enjoy ;D

Thanks for the sharing,
But for the Trend Micro Titanium, it is trial version. Does trial version provide the full functions?

Should do since you are testing their softeware. Microsoft is a different story but other product of what I know give full access to what it’s software has to offer in trial version.

Valentin N

iobit smart defrag isn’t free :o

I was used current freeware version. And it works fine. Does it improving a lot better than v1 ?

firefox 4 leaked?
it is officially released

Trend Mirco Titanium’s trial version offers full function. According to PC world, this product is quite good and has improved a lot if compared to its previous version. So I am going to give it a try… ;D

Here are the link that showed the PC Word’s review on this latest version and its previous version:


I don’t think it did to bad but it relies a lot on it’s web shield so if anything get by the webshield is ready to enter your pc. this is the conclusion I took after seeing Languy99 testing it.

Valentin N

I have tried it for one day, it is quite light demand in system resources and doesn’t slow down my internet connection. Overall, I like it so much…However, there are many negative comments on the ability of trend micro in detecting malware and protecting our PC from malware. And I noticed that its previous version scored poorly in AV-comparative tests. That result really decreases my level of confidence towards Trend Micro.

I think you should try it on WM machine; don’t let anyone convince about something without testing.

Valentin N

It shows trial version but its for 1 year. I installed it & everythings fine.

But this is Internet Security & there is no firewall?


i posted it a day before it was officially released to the public. Hence, leaked.

To: Naren
Yes, it is an Internet Security and it relies on the window firewall

Here are the links:


How is your opinion about this product? There are many negative reviews and comments out there about this product.

To: Valentin

Thanks, but since it has the negative word-of-mouth, that mean it must be have something bad. However, I try it to see whether it is really bad as what the people say out there.

I uninstalled it. The browsing was little slow & app launch & everything little slow. After starting the system the protection also starts little late i.e tray shows protection is starting for app. near 1 min.

Is this only cloud or cloud & local protection both?


Me too… Although I like it but I uninstalled it because my computer keep on appearing blue screen when it is performing a full scan. Erm, I guess it is using both cloud and local protection.