AVS, CFP, boclean and Spyware terminator - are they good combination ?


Is active virus shield plus spyware terminator (the last release) a good combination with comodo firewall and comodo boclean? For the reason I’ve heard the avs doesn’t have web protection but is the second ranked antivirus for the 2007. Is that true? Let’s talk about it? Please, no heart feelings if you prefer comodo antivirus together. It’s question of preference but no reality.Best Regards.


While im not running spyware terminator with my setup. I think it would be ok. Currently running the following.

Linksys BEFSR41 v4.0 with newest firmware

Everything plays really nice together and have 0 problems. Running XP home edition with SP2.

As far as I know AOL Active Virus Shield ( Kaspersky ) is no longer available, because they switched to McAfee Virus Scan. Personaly I won’t advise McAfee, so I would swith to AntiVir or Avast! if I where you.

Greetz, Red.