Avoiding blocking problems with CPF [Resolved]

I have had a serious problem with Comodo blocking my Avast mail scanner. I finally
decided it occurred because I set up Comodo wrong. I have uninstalled and have
WinXP on temporarily. Now when I run Avast I have no problems.

I have studied the tutorial and think I know what I did wrong during installation. Basically
I plan to use the out of the box approach this time. What I don’t really understand is
if I run the scan for apps and then reboot should that take care of most of the programs
I use including Avast?

Then, when allow/deny messages occur what is the proper way to grant permission.
If I am sure, do I just click remember and allow or should I go to the libraries box and
grant permission there? I got way too many same messages last time.
Thanks for your help.

Welcome to the forums, dford3772 ~

I don’t know if Avast is in the encrypted list or not; if it is, rules will be added/set up for you.

As far as Allow or Deny… If you know the application, and know it needs to connect, you may safely check the Remember box. The only time you’ll see the Library thing is if components change (such as after an update, or if you run a new module, add-on, or something).

Here’s something to keep in mind - Alert Frequency. If you have it set anywhere higher than the default Low, your alerts are going to contain more detail. When you Remember and Allow (or Block) you will create a Rule matching that detail. In CFP, the AF isn’t just how often/fast you get an alert; it’s about the level of information in that alert. So at Very High, you’ve got IP Address, Protocol, Direction, Port, for each application. This means you’ll be clicking for each website you visit… At Very Low, you will only get one alert per application (so this is the “set and forget” level); the dev team has indicated this is not a reduction in security, as long as you have Application Behavior Analysis enabled (which is why you will see Component alerts).

Hope that helps answer your question.


PS: I removed your other, duplicate, post on this question.

Thanks for your help. Some of this I’ve figured out by careful reading. I’m still a bit lost on TCP/UDP issues but I did check the backloop skip option for FF as I found in a post.

My re-installation is working with Avast beautifully so far. I’m afraid to say it is resolved because of all the trouble.

Well I’m glad to hear it’s working better for you now, Donna.

Here’s a good place to start learning stuff about this firewall: https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/topic,6167.0.html

While CFP really can be a secure “set and forget” firewall, I think it offers a level of complexity that tends to confuse a lot of users (even ones with plenty of experience). I have seen a number of times before where users had difficulties after choosing an Advanced/Manual installation/configuration, rather than Automatic. A reinstall with the other approach worked wonders. Obviously it’s hard to quantify exactly what the difference was, but my impression is that something was configured incorrectly. I have taken the Advanced approach myself, just to see if there was an issue with that route, but didn’t have any problems. Of course, by that point I was very familiar with the firewall…


I used your tutorial to install the second time and it was a piece of cake. I had not left
the Learning Mode in place and probably had committed other grievous sins in trying
to solve the Avast mail scanner problem.

I have a lot more reading to do but most of my previous problems seemed solved.
I’m anxious to see if on boot up the same 5-6 allow/deny messages come. If not
I’m well on my way.

I can’t sing the praises of the tutorial enough. It needs to be published with the download and that would save a lot of pain.

Well, we’ve got the install tutorial in flavors for those who want to watch, and those who want to read… :wink: I agree that having it somehow packaged with the installation could help a lot. I’m glad it helped you.

I’ll go ahead and mark the topic as resolved for others’ benefit. If you end up with the same problem, just PM a Moderator with a link and we’ll reopen it for you.

Enjoy your learning experience, and ask questions as you need. We’re happy to help.