Avoid application sandboxing


I want to exclude some applications from automatic sandboxing.

Added to behaviour blocker exceptions → still sandboxed
Added to trusted files → still sandboxed
I tried to restart my PC → still sandboxed

Any hint?

Can you check if the files are removed from Unrecognised Files?

Yes, Unrecognised Files is empty.

At the moment I’ve disabled auto-sandboxing and I’ve enabled the HIPS module.

That surely will prevent them from running in the sandbox.

What applications did get automatically sandboxed? What version of Windows are you on?

Adobe Flash components. I tried to use “Limited” instead of “Partially Limited” for the auto-sandboxing. But Firefox calls the Flash plugin when you clean history, cache etc. because it also cleans Flash LSOs… if the Flash plugin is sandboxed as “Limited” it can’t access the filesystem so Firefox freezes for some time… and I can’t find a way to exclude the FlashPlayerPlugin from sandboxing.

I’m on Windows 8 Pro x64.