Avira website blocked by CIS

Does Comodo hates Avira?! ;D

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Not entirely, since I was able to see pages within the main site. However, COMODO Firewall’s Website Filtering seems to be blocking the main access page (in English, but not in Spanish) as I write this. I had the same problem with fifa.com (as thejoedoe expressed here) but not any longer. Anyway COMODO’s Web Inspector reports the site is safe :a0 Go figure.

The AV analysts will do nothing to remove this URL Filter False Positive. Currently, there is no way to report URL Filter False Positives.

You can check this topic, in which the user avastreally was reporting a false positive block on Kaspersky website. The AV analyst just tried to fix the false positive in the AV database countless times (and NOT in the URL Filter Database) and said many times it was fixed, but it was not fixed and the page was still being blocked.

In the end the AV analyst said it should be a “firewall Rules set” problem (LOL) and did nothing to remove the URL Filter block on Kaspersky website.

Maybe it is not necessary to report URL Filter False positives, since URL Filter is just detection and is not needed at all. 88)

The URL Filter is present since V7 was launched and no one (moderator, staff, etc) did NOTHING to create a forum section/page to report URL Filter False Positives. And I think they will not do anything about it.


Actually, the user reported that only the application was blocked. The application was marked as false-positive and the user reported it as fixed.
As for the URL reporting it has been discussed here. Please post your opinion there.

Hi qmarius. I did post my opinion, but I still think they will do nothing about it. URL Filter False Positive is a big problem and should have been adressed with a forum topic for false positive reports in the same day or week CIS V7 went public.