Avira vs AVAST

Which is better, Avira or AVAST?

I installed the latest free version of Avira in my gaming rig. Darn thing can’t even update itself properly.

So I uninstalled it, after attempting several times through several days to update the darn thing.

I installed AVAST in its place.

But I feel bad. Not my fault though.

Well, if you feel unsecure, you can always add Microsoft Security Essentials as an On-Access AV.
I have both Avast and MSE scanning everything. The Avast team made sure they are fully compatible and dont lock your pc.

I like bitdefender better than both Avira and Avast

The update problem with Avira is longstanding.
Since the introduction of version 9,it seems to be much worse.
I don’t thank they have any intention of fixing it.

Avast is ok,but kind of like you hinted,for some reason
i just do not “feel safe” with it.

MSE would be an option(Don’t know, never used it.but I will if I ever get around to running AV again.)

So would the full CIS set up.

BitDefender is fine,but the free version just adds to many process’s,and uses to much resource,for an on-demand.

I think Avast! is better than Avira except for it’s DVD player type GUI. They are changing the GUI in the upcoming V5 to a more traditional and intuitive model. I used it for a time on the other machine here and was impressed with it’s speed and functionality. That machine died and was replaced with another that we decided to try MSE on. After a period of the auto-updater not working right, it seems to be okay now. I think it’s very possible that MSE could become the best of the free AV products if it isn’t already.

The latest Beta of v5 seems to have addressed most issues and that came out yesterday:

I had Avira for a couple of weeks after some trouble with Avast 5 but had to go back to Avast!


I use it since Beta (23 June if I remember well). It seems to have lost a bit of spark when it became official but it regained the lost ground. There’s a new Beta beeing tested right now; only for a limited number of users.
I like it a lot. Install and forget. Plus, it’s effective. Some months ago I brought home an infected USB pen. It seemed to be nasty (I wish I remembered to snapshot the log). First MSE caught a trojan trying to download, and imediattly after it caught the father trojan on the pen.
I remembered to check wich AV there was in the infected PC I had the pen in (my local library’s) and surprise… it was McAfee.

Ooooh, MSE looks nice!

Does it work with other OSes?

As far as I know, it works with Windows and that’s it.

It only works with Windows (obviously).

Of course.

Heck, Internet Explorer 8 labels the Yahoo mainpage as suspicious.

Yeah. Ok. -_-

Both AVAST and AVIRA “Slows Down 3G-HSPA and MOTOROLA CANOPY Broadband Connection as well as DSL” Broadband speed matters most if you have a 384-kbps to 2-MB subscription specially here in TEXT / CALL / BROADBAND Capital of the World [Philippines] thats why CIS is still the Best!

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No–it does not

Yes it does.

I haven’t installed Mozilla in my gaming rig yet, so all I have is IE8 that came with Vista. I tried to go into my Yahoo Mail thru Yahoo main page and IE8 gave me a warning that the page I am visiting is suspicious.

Well it doesn’t do it on either one of the machines here, mine running XP Pro and the other one with Vista Home Basic.