Avira using Avast?


Try this link too.

It’s a better marketing way isn;t it :wink:

That’s surprising that a company like Avira would be using this URL www.avast.eu to redirect people to there website.

TrendMicro has always used www.antivirus.com.

Not Surprising at all!

this is a sad attempt at marketing but if it works >:(

I don’t get it. The link takes me directly to the Avast! blog like it should.

i think he was linking to an article about other AVs using the AVAST name for redirection

This was discussed a lot on avast forums and the blog.
Avira was using a redirection of the avast.
Both companies seem to have get an agreement. avast did its part. Avira didn’t. They started the complains. But the avast response was unclear: the blog contents was changed, the comments were removed (erased) from the blog… First we were against Avira. Then we don’t understand the way avast team changed…

Site doesn’t link to Avira no more.

It’s expired.

Does that mean, it still could link to Avira, if they renew it - or however it works?

Never heard of that before. Another attempt to market.