Avira premium license

Hi, for all those interested to get a free six months avira premium license until comodo cavs is 100% operational,here is a link

https://license.avira.com/de/promotion-a8ydzq3fgnsu051rwq81” .

here is one for a 1 month license to get trained to the format of the website in English


hope this is appreciated.keep the hard work comodo , i long for the day when i will be able to use cavs as my primary scanning tool(a few months to wait :slight_smile: thx to the great job of the team and forum) :ilovecomodo:


Avira is very good in detection, but I think I pass this one… I like how CIS is low on resources and I like the scan speed of cavs, cavs engine is really fast! I keeps CIS with cavs, pc is much faster and I do not have any cpu spikes anymore! also, new CIS will be coming out with heuristics and I think I am safe enough with that… (I do not visit bad websites that much… :wink: )

Avira is very good, but I am happy with CIS and I keep it!

have a nice day!


True but cis with heuristics and threatcast is still in beta testing phase and should not be used on a production machine,this may lead to irreparable damages .That’s why i posted this license for people waiting for the public release of cis. :wink: .Thx for you viewpoint.


Thank you hehomain!. I always take up these offers, save the license keys and put them onto a family’s pc :slight_smile: Myself though, I’m not going to use it. HIPS all the way :-TU

I think I will use this for a bit while CIS’s database improves. I’ll still use the Firewall and +Defense (3.8)

Yes, I understand, but I am not a beta tester (I do not have test machines…)… I just use CIS 3.5 at the moment…

For other people I think the license is good, yes…

I’ve used Avira prem and thought it was great. had no problems and low on resources. When my license expired I gave Rising a try based on the reviews I read and it is one hell of a AV product. Great detection, It also has auto-protection, active-defense and many bells and whistles. The resource usage is far less then any AV product I’ve ever used and it’s free. I’ll stick with Rising for now and thanks for the heads up on Avira. :Beer

Hey donnyd…I Would reccomend you use Avira over Rising. In my experience rising misses alot of “western” malware.

Besides that Avira is one of the best single engine out there

I’m not familiar with the fraze “western malware” could you explain or is there a site with some info on it? I’m also running CFP with D+ and run on-demand Super anti-spyware which usually picks-up low level tracking cookies. I have not been infected with any viruses and or malware with the security I have installed in the past and currently. (knock on wood)… I mostly contribute that to a very good Comodo firewall with D+ and safe surfing the web… I know Avira’s detection rate is on top of the pack but Rising’s GUI and resource consumption is far better then any other AV product I’ve run. You put me on the fence with this “western malware”… Thanks for the response and :Beer

Hey, Well normaly the “westerners” are reffered to by many asian cultures. So for example, Rising is aimed at the Chinese market. What viruses circulate in China and what viruses circulate in countries such as England,America,Australia will be different.

Hope this helps.

AH HAA! So since I’m not a china-men and I live in the states I should be using a AV geared towards the “Free World” free as in free from viruses…
Thanks for the info…

Hello, Because you live in the states does not make you safe from malware. It only means that a different malware will circulate in your part of the globe.

Hope this helps.

All the real big juicy good eatin worms are Global though. 88)