AVIRA Premium - 6 month promotional offer - Free updates for 6 months

Hey, Was browsing the net and I found that AVIRA was offering a promotional 6 months license key :slight_smile:

What to do;

  1. Download AVIRA PREMIUM
  2. Follow the link below to the 6 months of updates
  3. While installing AVIRA PREMIUM you will be asked for your License Key Click browse and locate your Key, and click OK -Done
    (4) You can also use this key if Avira is already installed, In the main menu click - Renew.

Visit this link to get 6 months of free updates for AVIRA premium.

Note: I’m not trying to steal Comodo’s users, I myself will switch to CAVS3 the day it is released.




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Thanks for Sharing Avira’s 6 month free trial with everyone! :slight_smile:


Thankyou :slight_smile: And I’ll just add that this is not a Trial version, its the full version with a license of 6 months :slight_smile:

I just installed it. Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

I expect to be uninstalling it next month though. ;D

Why would you uninstall it? I just registered and now I have another 6 months free. LOL.

CAVS 3. (:AGL)

edit: Besides, the license will still be valid (for 6 months)… I can install it again if I want.

I have tried this version on my friends computer.

Personally I’m running Avira Premium and noticed that this 6 months license is for an “upgraded” personal version (i.e. slow downloads of updates and updates not as often as with the premium version).


No.All you have to do is download the full package (Avira Premium) and use this new key.

I followed the uninstall & install instructions, and it is Avira AntiVir Premium (it has the Mail & Web Guards). However, the update schedule could always be modified anyway. I did, however, also notice that the initial updates were slow (perhaps Avira needed to validate the license or something?), the updates seem OK now.

Yeah I too noticed that the first update was slow, they are fine now though.

This promotion won’t be here for ever guys, so get in while you can :slight_smile:

First time installing, You can expect it because it needs to get older signatures too.


I’m not so sure. During the initial slow update it didn’t actually download anything (much) or use any local CPU. In any event, I’d already applied a 2 day old IVDF manual update prior to attempting the update.

I’m not worried about the slow updates, what’s waiting an extra couple of minutes to finish the download? : (:KWL)

To be clear… the Avira Premium updates are not slow, it appears only the initial update was.