Avira Personal AV 10??

Users are saying that Avira Personal AV Version 10 is not good as Version 9. Detection is not good. Is Avira 10 free’s detection not good now?? I am asking this coz I regularly visit the thread here titled AV False Positive/Detection under the thread CIS. I always check the thread titled Malwares to be Blacklisted & Whielisted Malwares. I check all the VirusTotal link posted there & have observed that of all the free AV’s, Avira detects most of the malwares i.e more malwares compared to other free AV’s like Avast, AVG, MSE, Comodo, etc. Then why users say Avira 10 free is not good now??


People are also saying that CIS 5.3 is weaker even than 5.0. :wink:

So you mean Avira is good, right?


I can’t see a problem with Avira myself. If some people have the smallest of issues about any product it will get bad mouthed. Negative comments seem to have the power to stand out more than positive comments. I have seen numerous comments that Avira is not a good product because of its nag screen, and while this may annoy some it doesn’t make it any less of quality. Small gripes cause big critics, and Imo if Avira is as good as any of the others. If we listen to all the critics we would not use anything. Kind regards.

I use MSE, but Avira was my first free AV and is still my second choice.

Currently I am too trying MSE2. Seems good.


Most of the free AVs don’t get the credit they deserve. I use CAV now, but have used numerous ones in the past. They all have good and bad points. I have seen on many occasions people saying they wouldn’t trust MSE because it is from MS, and alot of these people are using Windows (MS). That seems to be a contradiction to me. If I wasn’t happy with CAV, I would consider using Avira or MSE. I did find early MSE a bit heavy with XP, but can’t comment on MSE2 regarding this. Some constuctive critics do help make better products, but I do believe some are just out to defame. Kind regards.

Yes, it is a contradiction.

Personally, I don’t touch MSE with a ten foot pole and here’s why. Think like a hacker. Hundreds of thousands “normal” unsuspecting users are using MSE everyday and are happy. Now, I am able to “tailor” my code to bypass the MSE scanner. Once I have accomplished that, all I have to is upload it to various social networking weblinks and “BAM!” your OS has a rougue that looks just like MSE, and now you’re a part of my botnet, and you’ll continue along with everyday life.

This happens not only with MSE, but Mcafee, Norton (very rare, actually a good product), and AVG. I have seen this with personal and professional experience. Using anything with the name Microsoft behind it needs to bring alarm bells with it.

Hi Tiny. !ot! This could happen with any product, probably more so if it becomes popular. I personally don’t think MSE is any more at risk than any other, each to their own of course. I understand dislike for products if they have gave problems, but even then most deserve a second chance. I do have preferences in certain products, but not because I dislike the others. Hey doesn’t win 7 have MS name? Kind regards.

I don’t “dislike” it, never said that. Through my experience as stated above, people with malicious intent mimic their code to bypass, and look like some of those AV I have listed above. Yes, Win7 is under the MS name, it doesn’t mean I dislike it though. Any point to that blunt observation, or do you have nothing to contribute constructively? Thanks.

I am sorry you think my reply was blunt, it was not intended that way. I do think my contributions to this Forum on average are constructive including my posts in this topic but hey we all make mistakes, and for any I have made I apologise. The reasons I thought that you was not keen on MS was in this quote

Sorry if I interpreted this the wrong way.

If I follow tiny’s logic I would not use any signature based solution because any smart malware maker would use Virus Total rather than one single product to make sure it does not get flagged…

Anything scanned in VirusTotal gets forwarded to the participating vendors, so they’d be rather unwise to upload it to virustotal.