Avira PE with D+.....

Finally decided to make a thread on this. I have noticed since installing Comodo. Under D+ there is always files waiting for review every day for Avira. These are updated files for the virus defs. I purge them and delete the few files that D+ says are no longer in use. Usually temp files. Then I move the rest of the files to my own safe file list. How do I avoid having to do this daily with D+?

Hi KoRn

I suspect that these are temporary files that Avira creates during its update process. You could try moving these files to your Safe Files without purging first, on the assumption that they will exist at some point. But, if they are always different, then Defense+ might not be convinced & always register them (which would be correct on its part).

Or nudge D+ to Safe mode instead of Clean PC mode that you are probably running.