Avira Free+Comodo Firewall=Problem

I have Windows 7 + Comodo Firewall + avira free 15. The message that they are included in two firewall windows and Comodo. This slows down the laptop. When you turn off the Windows firewall free Avira umbrella happens and a laptop is that virus protection is enabled. What this is about? Please help.

Another thing: after opening the window Avira Free PC Protection is green, while firewall protection is red. After opening the control panel - security - computer says that Comodo Firewall is enabled and the free Avira is turned on, the current and ready to scan. There it is meant, why umbrella is closed ?? It will help anyone?

Last time i used Avira Free it was a bit messy with respect to Windows Firewall. It’s difficult to say what’s wrong with Avira free now.

Anyway you definitely should have your Windows Firewall switched off if you use Comodo Firewall. Never use two firewalls together.

Thank Solarlynx. I did, as written and … umbrella shut up. What to do to be opened, and if my computer is safe? Can it be repaired?

With Avira forum, Sidney instructed to do so: Control Panel → add/remove programs → select Avira Antivirus → click modify → uncheck the firewall module during install. Only view security-installed anti-spyware programs writes that there are two: Avira Antivirus and Comodo Defense + . Again conflict ??

I think that Avira free uses Windows Firewall. You switched off the Windows Firewall in order to use Comodo Firewall. That’s OK. Then most probable Avira Free signals you that Windows Firewall is closed (by its closed umbrella). Avira doesn’t see that you use Comodo Firewall.

So you must install Avira without its Firewall component. Then it won’t signal you that Windows Firewall is closed. But I think (though here I may be wrong) you cannot install Avira without Firewall - they don’t expect you will use Avira free with other third party Firewall. Then it’s inevitable to see this umbrella closed though Avira Antivirus Component working correctly and only Windows Firewall is closed.

Something like this.