Avira detected comodo leak test?

Avira detected this program in system volume information. Its “SPR/Dldr.GetTest program”.
I made comodo leak test (340/340 :-TU) about week ago. Is Dlrd.GetTest part of latest comodo leak test? Should i be worried that it was found in system volume information?, or is it just some left over?

Just background info which is irrelevant to the actual question above:
A-squared found Trojan.Win32.patched.aA in explorer.exe about week ago. I sended it to EMSI and in the next update A-squared informed me that it was just a false positive. I made GMER rootkit (■■■■ gmer almost crashed my PC :smiley: It always does that. ■■■■ program), Malwarebyte´s Anti-malware, SuperantiSpyware, A-squared and Avira scans, and they found nothing, so im pretty sure that it was just a false positive. I also sended explorer.exe to the virustotal and those scanners found nothing. I just wonder if i could check my system with any other program… What you guys think?

Hello, wake up! :smiley: Nothing wrong.The most AV’s detect it, cause it simulates a threat behavior. :wink:

Haha i know i know. :smiley: This week has been such an andrealine rush because of that cursed false positive!
Scan after scan, safe mode tricking, software downloads and new scans… Phew :stuck_out_tongue: